Super-skilled and multidisciplinary Experience Designer of complex and data-driven applications. I make the complicated simpler and the confusing clearer. I love working at the edge of emerging technology and user needs. I recently have been designing experiences for systems based on AI that employ a “hybrid intelligence” of human and artificial, including some built on ChatGPT. As a UX designer, design futurist and narrative artist, I leverage user research and my own empathy to consistently place myself in the mindset of a user and to create from that perspective. I’m perhaps at my best working in interdisciplinary, collaborative and adaptable teams that push hard to launch software because, ultimately, every design and product effort has a window of opportunity. I have a strong bias to action and think outside the box.


Experience Design Lead, Sparks and Honey, LLC, New York, NY (remote, June, 2022 - July, 2023)

I was the lead and primary designer of the "Q" system, Sparks & Honey's AI-based "Cultural Intelligence Engine" that aggregates and analyzes signals and trends, enabling quantitative strategic foresight. In this role I led an accelerated redesign of the entire Q application as part of a strategic rebuild. This effort included reconceiving the information architecture, navigation, key interactions, the home and secondary pages, and global design patterns. I devised multiple interactive data visualizations and dashboards, crucial displays that enabled users to understand and take action upon large data sets.

In addition to the foundational design work on Q, I also designed Chat AI-based applications and system integrations. I originated several "hybrid intelligence" experiences by which users could best meet their goals by leveraging both their own human capabilities and the system's artificial intelligence. These efforts envisioned "multi-modal" interactions that supported actions and data exchanges by the most appropriate means (such as interactive visualizations), rather than being limited only to chat-based text.

Senior Product Design Lead, Wayfair, Inc., Boston, MA (May, 2020 - April, 2022)

I led design for a unit within Wayfair’s Partner Home group, which builds applications and services enabling suppliers of furniture and home goods to succeed on the Wayfair platform. In this capacity, I simultaneously directed user testing, information architecture, interaction and visual design for multiple data-driven applications. I orchestrated hands-on work (mostly performed by myself), capacity planning, strategic product direction and future vision. I balanced an empathetic focus on user needs with organizational and business goals, all passionately directed to creating engaging and useful products. I was an integral part of my product teams, participating in all sprint activities, leading interdisciplinary design sessions, and co-creating product definition.

In 2020, I designed from scratch with minimal business direction or requirements two important “supplier-facing” applications. For each, I created within a month a prototype embodying the core structure and interactions for each application, which enabled user testing, cross-functional collaboration, and stakeholder support. First versions of these applications shipped in Q2 2021. They are receiving very positive market responses and are poised to make a substantial impact for both Wayfair and its partner companies. I helped define unified supplier user journeys across a previously fragmented set of applications within the Partner Home experience, drawing upon my experience in designing multi-device ecosystems. I also was a team member of multiple, large-scale organizational design initiatives, including those developing a new global framework and envisioning new approaches to data visualization.

User Experience Team Lead, Altisource, Inc., Boston, MA (August, 2015 - April, 2020)

Led design for multiple applications, both new and established, within intrapreneurial groups of a financial services corporation. Conceived, designed and helped build complex, data-intensive B2B, B2C and Enterprise transactional systems. Established user-centered design function and thinking within an Agile, engineering organization. Designed native mobile, mobile Web, and desktop experiences for a broad spectrum of user groups, including professional real estate investors, financial organizations, consumers, and vendors. Collaborated with product and engineering managers to envision, define, and build sophisticated enterprise and consumer applications. Successfully and simultaneously managed relationships with multiple stakeholders on multiple projects. Led efforts to create reusable design component libraries and patterns. Spearheaded initiative to design consistent and effective data visualizations and dashboards across the corporation.

Sr. User Experience (UX) Designer, Altran Group (Foliage, Inc.), Boston, MA (April, 2015 - August, 2015)

Designed complex industrial and enterprise data applications for a leading product development firm. Conducted user research, defined user flows and performed task analyses. Created personas, customer journey maps, and Information Architectures. Built wireframes, prototypes, and visual design comps. Collaborated with developer and management teammates and worked directly with clients to meet target dates and achieve successful outcomes.

User Experience (UX) Designer, Layer3 TV, Inc., Boston, MA (January, 2014 - April, 2015)

Early team member and first designer of a media start-up creating a next-generation Internet TV/cable system. Co-invented patented (25 total patents) multi-device graphical User Interface design. Helped devise and execute UX strategy and design of a large-scale, consumer multi-device ecosystem. Created wireframes, site maps, mockups, Information Architecture, and Content Strategy. Collaborated closely with front-end developers, stakeholders, and designers to build scalable user experiences and application interfaces. Structured and designed metadata and visual elements to deliver unique and dynamic interactions. Contributed to creation of agile design processes.

UX/UI Designer and Developer, Farglass Digital Studios, Wellesley, MA (2010 - 2015)

Freelance/contract Web/mobile design and development. Conceived, designed and constructed Web sites and user interfaces for small organizations and professionals, using hand-crafted HTML/CSS/JavaScript and leading development tools. Developed and executed User Experience design and research strategies. Devised responsive multi-platform designs. Composed visual designs and presented them via comps and mockups.

UX/UI Developer and Designer, State Street Corporation, Boston, MA (September, 2013 - January, 2014)

Contract development and design for the digital marketing group of a leading financial institution. Prototyped and built interactive infographics for an iPad application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and client-side databases. Coded and helped design micro-sites and portions of corporation Website. Help conceive new site technical and content architectures.

UX/UI Developer and Designer, SapientNitro, Boston, MA (June, 2013 - August, 2013

Contract Web and mobile development for a leading digital marketing agency. Part of a two-person team that built an in-store Web application in less than a month for a major retail telecomm client (Sprint). Coded application interface using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery. Transformed static design into Responsive interface supporting a full range of browsers and devices. Managed client meetings and issue tracking. Facilitated project transition and knowledge transfer.

UX/UI Developer and Designer, New Spin Digital, Newton, MA (March, 2013 - June, 2013)

Contract Web development and design for a UX/UI design firm helping to build an online state health insurance exchange for the State of Rhode Island. Coded interfaces using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Applied Web form design principles to improve User Experience of online interactions. Helped manage large project development process using Subversion version control software. Created reusable and programmable interface elements using HTML, CSS and LESS.

UX/UI Development and Design Associate, NASDAQ OMX, Marlborough, MA (July, 2012 - September, 2012)

Designed and built dynamic dashboard Web & mobile prototypes using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and front-end frameworks. Implemented UI components for business intelligence applications. Facilitated workflow between design and development teams and contributed to development project employing Agile methodologies. Coded Responsive and mobile Web application interfaces.

Web/Mobile Designer & Developer, MyOmBody.com, Cambridge, MA (February, 2012 - June, 2012)

Developed and debugged front-end features and functions for a wellness Web/mobile application startup. Designed and built Photoshop components, images and icons. Researched mobile application design and development and created jQuery Mobile interface prototypes. Developed and maintained project task management process.

Novelist (2000-2010)

Wrote four novels - Who May Be (general fiction), Emerlyr (middle-grade fantasy), Black Math (fantasy thriller), and The Bird of Night (mystery). Wrote Blog on next-generation reading and writing technologies.

Publisher, Digital Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, Woburn, MA (1998-2000)

Managed computer and technology professional book publishing program. Implemented a strategic publishing plan and increased by 30% annually published titles and revenues. Developed a Web publishing strategy and computer industry publishing alliances. Instituted an interdisciplinary computer and business publishing initiative.

Senior Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group, Boston, MA (1997-1998)

Researched and analyzed trends and products in the Internet development and database management markets. Wrote market research reports and marketing collateral. Managed research consulting projects for leading software vendors.

Lead Content Editor, Mainspring Communications, Cambridge, MA (1996-1997)

Acquired and created content on Internet development technologies for a Web content start-up. Led project teams and built service features. Managed partnership programs with leading book publishers and market research firms.

Senior Editor, Acquisitions Editor, and other editorial positions (1986-1996)

Successfully managed and developed computer and technology book publishing programs at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Addison-Wesley, and Reed Elsevier. Increased annual program revenues by an average of 35%.


  • Prototyping/Wireframing
  • User Flows & Journeys
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research & Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Data Visualization
  • UX for Generative AI apps
  • Design Systems
  • Figma, Sketch, CC, etc.
  • Design Futures
  • UX Strategy
  • Design Foresight


  • Full-Lifecycle designer
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Intensely Collaborative
  • Strategic
  • Simplifier
  • Innovative
  • Design leader
  • Startup veteran


University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Undergraduate Certificate in Web Design and Development. 2012
UCLA Extension. User Experience Design course. 2012
Boston University. M.A., English and American Literature. 1988
Brown University. B.A., English and American Literature, Engineering sub-focus. 1984