Wayfair Visual Merchandising Services Landing Page

As a product design lead within Wayfair's, "Partner Home," platform, I designed several net new B2B applications. "Visual Merchandising Services" was one such major effort. This highly scalable application enables manufacturers and distributors partnering with Wayfair to place and manage orders for high-quality product (3D) imagery, a critical means by which offerings succeed in e-commerce.

The MVP of the Visual Merchandising Services application (which I designed) did not have a dedicated "Landing Page" because of resource and time constraints. A "Landing Page" in an application context refers to an initial view introducing and orienting users to a potentially complex application. Because this was missing in Visual Merchandising Services and because marketing specifically for the application was limited, companies and their users interested in the application could only learn about its offerings and benefits if the supporting business unit manually informed them. In other words, user educational, navigational and operational needs were not being met, and thus user engagement was limited and sometimes frustrating. Additionally, because the supporting business unit could not scale the program.

To create an effective design despite these constraints, I undertook a series of workshops and progressively more refined prototypes. In response to user and stakeholder reviews I solicited, I fundamentally pivoted the designs twice and iterated extensively. These efforts ultimately led to a landing page that not only met user and stakeholder needs, but that also, in design, content, tone and process, is serving as a template for other similar projects.

Designing an effective landing page for Visual Merchandising Services was challenging because the needs were broad, the design needed to be coordinated with nascent platform-wide marketing initiatives, stakeholders were numerous and interdivisional, and style guidelines for such content-driven pages did not exist within Partner Home.

The "design deliverables" I created for the Visual Merchandising Services landing page included content clarification and prioritization analyses, wireframes, user flows, high-fidelity prototypes, and a content strategy matrix that maps over time user needs and "archetypes" against evolving (and customizable) versions of the landing page.